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Hm. If we want to win, then our team must have a better name than that! ”

— Golf Ball, "Getting Teardrop to Talk"

A Better Name Than That (or ABNTT for short, and frequently misspoken as Another Name Than That by Four), stylized as A BETTER NAME THAN THAT, is one of the eleven teams in Battle for BFDI. The name was created when Golf Ball said that if her team wanted to win, the team name had to be better than Death P.A.C.T.. Because she said the name must have "a better name than that," the team earned that name, a reference to Another Name.

Official Character Guide description[]

When everyone was making teams, Golf Ball witnessed Death P.A.C.T. devise their name and said to her own team, "Hmm. If we want to win, then our team must have a better name than that!" And the name stuck! "A Better Name Than That," or ABNTT, was born.

The team often struggles because its members care too much about who is leading them. Golf Ball, for one, thinks she should be the leader, but 8-Ball undermines her all the time, making it unclear who everyone should listen to. Although 8-Ball turns out to be a really bad leader, the others listen to him because Golf Ball is too bossy.


8Ball TeamIcon.png

Basketball TeamIcon.pngBlocky TeamIcon.pngGolfBall TeamIcon.pngGrassy TeamIcon.pngRobotFlower TeamIcon.pngTennisBall TeamIcon.pngTV TeamIcon.png


Name Contestant Gender Episode Show Rank Team Rank Status Votes
8-Ball 8Ball TeamIcon.png Male 1st Voted Out

in [./ Questions Answered]

61st Place 8th Place Pre-Split 4,814

(to eliminate)

Basketball Basketball TeamIcon.png Female 2nd- 7th Quit

in [./ The Escape from Four]

55th-16th Place 7th-2nd Place 3,035
Golf Ball GolfBall TeamIcon.png Female 4,049
Grassy Grassy TeamIcon.png Male 2,737
Robot Flower RobotFlower TeamIcon.png Female 3,105
Tennis Ball TennisBall TeamIcon.png Male 500
TV TV TeamIcon.png Male 2,578
Blocky Blocky TeamIcon.png Male 8th Voted Out

in [./ The Game Has Changed]

9th Place 1st Place Merge 11,229

(to save)


In "Getting Teardrop to Talk", the team started with Basketball asking 8-Ball to form a team together since they are both balls. 8-Ball suggests adding Golf Ball, Tennis Ball, and Snowball because they are balls too. Snowball rudely declines the offer. Grassy then tells Basketball that no one has picked him yet, so Basketball chooses him on the team. Golf Ball states that the team needs at least 2 mechanical minds. Robot Flower and TV then get picked. Blocky joins by overhearing Grassy stating that "with a team like this, we're sure to get up to loads of funny doings". This then fills the team.

When it was time to choose names for your teams, Basketball looks at Death P.A.C.T. saying that they're naming their team. Golf Ball states if she wants her team to win, then her team must have a better name than that. The name is finalized.

In the challenge, Golf Ball tells Robot Flower and Blocky to climb up the tree to catch a basket because they have arms. Golf Ball says that TV will relay coordinates of baskets' locations, and 8-Ball and Basketball will weigh the baskets down once someone has gotten a hold of them. Grassy does nothing. Blocky asks what Golf Ball will do, with her responding that she is managing the team. Tennis Ball follows. This gets Blocky mad at Tennis Ball and kills him.

In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", Grassy tells Blocky that he needs more respect from Golf Ball. While Blocky tries to find Golf Ball, 8-Ball reminds Blocky that he killed her last episode. Blocky then tries to find recovery centers, but Robot Flower says that the recovery centers were destroyed, so Blocky tries to tell Four to recovery their dead team members, before being interrupted by Four to do Cake at Stake. After Cake at Stake, Grassy tells Four to recover Tennis Ball so Four does so.

In the challenge, 8-Ball bites open a jawbreaker, freeing Golf Ball and making A Better Name Than That safe. The team then tells Golf Ball that 8-Ball is the new team leader. Golf Ball gets furious and makes Tennis Ball do something, but Tennis Ball replies that he couldn't stop them.

In "Why Would You Do This on a Swingset", Golf Ball tells her team to spin forward, but 8-Ball commands the team to do the opposite of it, and makes the team follow his orders. Golf Ball proceeds to make commands, but the team still follows 8-Ball orders. The scene ends when Golf Ball tells the team to "spin in circles, really slowly", and the team is safe off-camera.

In "Today's Very Special Episode", Golf Ball tells the team not to waste time. However, 8-Ball tells the team to waste time, and the team gladly follows 8-Ball's orders. When there are only 30 seconds left, Golf Ball exclaims that time is running out, but Tennis Ball says they were just following orders. When TV's timer runs out, Golf Ball tries to lead the team with no success, before deciding to draw Four herself, which makes the rest of the team irritated. When time is up, Four takes Golf Ball's drawing and declares the team safe. After the challenge, Golf Ball says that their team almost lost. 8-Ball tries to say the opposite but admits that it was his fault that the team almost lost. He says that he did so because he wanted to add some humor. However, only Robot Flower hears what 8-Ball says, but she gets interrupted by TV, saying that she's a machine.

In "Fortunate Ben", Golf Ball asks how the steering was going, and Tennis Ball tells Golf Ball that this is just a paper plane.

In "Four Goes Too Far", Basketball says irritably that Four's destruction was ruthless, and asks 8-Ball what to do. 8-Ball says that the answer to that question lies with Golf Ball, who tells the team to multiply Four by zero. During Cake at Stake, when Four is about to blast Nickel, the team initiates their plan, which is successful. Golf Ball tells TV to calculate the final results after the event. After Cake at Stake, Tennis Ball hints that Donut should be the new host.

During the challenge, the team goes to the moon to avoid the twinkle. The plan fails as Golf Ball gets the twinkle when they arrived on the moon. Later, the team and BLEH have a staring contest. The twinkle eventually goes back to Earth, which makes the team celebrate, before the rocket breaks.

In "The Liar Ball You Don't Want", the team is still on the moon with BLEH and is shocked to discover that Taco is dead. During the challenge, Basketball inspects Robot Flower so that she could send data to Remote. The team follows Golf Ball's orders, but Tennis Ball disapproves of the idea as he sees it as unethical. Later, the ship becomes unstable. When Grassy nudges the rocket, the connection becomes unstable. This allows Remote to send a bomb to Robot Flower, who ultimately decides to close connection to save the two teams. However, this makes the team up for elimination.

In "Questions Answered", 8-Ball is eliminated with 4814 votes and gets crushed by the moon soon after. During the challenge, Golf Ball answers Question 5 correctly, making her team safe.

In "This Episode Is About Basketball", Blocky throws Tennis Ball and Basketball into the basket to lower it so they are the first team safe.

In "Enter the Exit", Blocky uses Needle, Match, and Pen to shape a 4. Robot Flower also tells her team that it was Remote who sent them a bomb.

In "Get to the Top in 500 Steps" Tennis Ball is selected by the team to climb the stairs. When Flower could not pass Tennis Ball and the others, she uses Non-Slip Shoes So Ha to pass Tennis Ball. Later, Tennis Ball presses the button so the team is safe.

In "What Do You Think of Roleplay", Golf Ball investigates Tennis Ball and asks what was the first thing he took from the Science Museum. Tennis Ball answers correctly, but Golf Ball is still suspicious as Pin, Coiny, Nickel, and Fries also know about that. Robot Flower questions if Golf Ball is real, but Golf Ball says there's no need. Then, Golf Ball asks Basketball who the team leader was. Basketball answers that Golf Ball is the team leader so Golf Ball lets her guard down.

Later, Golf Ball examines Grassy but she can't conclude. Robot Flower sees this as stalling to make the team loses. However, when "Basketball" complains about Grassy being basic, Blocky figures out that Basketball is the fake, as Grassy and Basketball are friends.

In "Return of the Rocket Ship", Golf Ball shows her MMR to Tennis Ball and explains how it works to Blocky. Tennis Ball uses the MMR to discover the emerald's location while accidentally sending his thoughts to X, which is "X is stupid". TV says to keep the location a secret, but Grassy yells the location out loud anyway. Basketball is woken up by Grassy's yelling and tries to learn the team's plan. However, Golf Ball distrusts her. TV guesses it's because she was the impostor last episode. Later, Robot Flower gets Golf Ball's rocket and Blocky rotates the satellite to dig a hole.

In "Don't Dig Straight Down", the team finds an emerald and wall-jumps to get to the surface. Basketball at first has the emerald but Golf Ball swipes it and gives the emerald to Four and makes the team safe. Soon after that, five pairs of arms come out from Four's mouth, making Tennis Ball disturbed and Basketball confused. Robot Flower, Blocky, and Golf Ball are outraged that the other teams could take their emerald, but Grassy isn't bothered by it. Golf Ball gets Four to barf the emerald out, only to have it be used by a couple of other teams to make them safe.

Later, Golf Ball points out how the grass around her is dying. Blocky says it's because she's stinky, but Golf Ball then figures out that iance is trying to break through the surface. Therefore, she steps on every patch of dying grass, even though the rest of the team wants her to stop until she notices there're intruders in her factory.

In "The Four is Lava", Blocky, Robot Flower, and Tennis Ball are the only members of their team who are alive. Blocky tells Flower to stop complaining, so Robot Flower tells him to be more sensitive. Tennis Ball asks how they could complete the contest, so Blocky bends the tree to get to Four, making Tennis Ball and Robot Flower confused until he launches. After a fight with Puffball, Blocky lands on the bench. Robot Flower, not knowing he's already safe, tries to catch him but ends up overheating in the lava.

Later, Tennis Ball and Robot Flower race back to Four. Remembering how Basketball inspected her, Robot Flower rushes to X with Tennis Ball, making her team safe. After recovering everyone from the team, Robot Flower asks Basketball to fix her.

In "The Escape from Four", A Better Name Than That was dissolved due to the show's split.

Wins and losses[]

Episode Win/Lose Strategy
"Getting Teardrop to Talk" Win (6th) Using Tennis Ball's trebuchet to launch the basket to X.
Lick Your Way to Freedom Win (6th) 8-Ball biting the jawbreaker and freeing Golf Ball.
Why Would You Do This on a Swingset" Win (6th) Golf Ball tricking 8-Ball into telling his team to spin really quickly.
"Today's Very Special Episode" Win (6th) Golf Ball, defying 8-Ball's commands, drew an abstract drawing of Four.
"Fortunate Ben" Win Keeping the team plane in the air.
"Four Goes Too Far" Win (6th) Going to the Moon, having BLEH give Free Food The Twinkle of Contagion, bringing it back to Earth.
"The Liar Ball You Don't Want" Lose Used Robot Flower to give signals to their rocket, which then gave those signals to Remote; failed due to connection being closed by Robot Flower to prevent everyone on BLEH and ABNTT from dying
"Questions Answered" Win (5th) Golf Ball answering "two."
"This Episode Is About Basketball" Win (1st) Blocky throwing Tennis Ball and Basketball into the basket.
"Get to the Top in 500 Steps" Win (6th) Tennis Ball made it to the top and pressed the button.
"What Do You Think of Roleplay?" Win (4th) Blocky pointed out Basketball as the impostor.
"Don't Dig Straight Down" Win (2nd) Found the first true emerald.
"The Four is Lava" Win (5th) Robot Flower dragged Tennis Ball to Four.

Vote history[]

Contestant BFB 8 BFB 11 BFB 19 BFB 21 BFB 22 BFB 24 Overall
Blocky TeamIcon.png 1,420 - 4,054 8,021 10,735 11,229 35,459
TennisBall TeamIcon.png 500 - - - - - 500
TV TeamIcon.png 2,578 - - - - - 2,578
Grassy TeamIcon.png 2,737 - - - - - 2,737
Basketball TeamIcon.png 3,035 - - - - - 3,035
RobotFlower TeamIcon.png 3,105 - - - - - 3,105
GolfBall TeamIcon.png 4,049 - - - - - 4,049
8Ball TeamIcon.png 4,814 998 - - - - 5,812


  • 8-Ball is the only team member to have no limbs.
  • Robot Flower is the only team member to have no face.
  • The team name is most likely a reference to Another Name.
  • Just like Another Name, both of their team names were intended to be statements, not the name for their team.
  • Coincidentally, both of the statements were said by Golf Ball.
  • Blocky, Grassy, and Robot Flower are the only team members to have arms.
  • In "Lick Your Way to Freedom", "Today's Very Special Episode", "Get to the Top in 500 Steps", and "What Do You Think of Roleplay?", Four mistakenly calls the team "Another Name Than That".
  • A Better Name Than That has finished 6 total challenges with the same rank (6th place).
  • Coincidentally, they were also the 6th team to face elimination.
  • Golf Ball, Tennis Ball, and Blocky are the only original contestants on the team.
  • This team has more ball characters than any other team, with 4 contestants being balls.
  • This team also has the most armless people, with 5 armless members.
  • This is also the only BFB team to have the armless contestants outnumber the contestants with arms.
  • A Better Name Than That is the only team to have intentionally killed Four.
  • A Better Name Than That is tied with Free Food for the least concentration of contestants with both arms and legs, at 3.
  • Blocky and Robot Flower are the only people on the team who don't appear in the first part of the intro.
  • This team has the most mechanical minds, which are Robot Flower, and TV. Roboty and Remote, the two other mechanical minds, are on teams Beep and Death P.A.C.T., respectively.
  • Blocky and 8-Ball are the only members of this team who did not join TPOT, as 8-Ball was eliminated before it began and Blocky was sent to The Pillary Ruins with the rest of the final fourteen of BFB.
  • A Better Name Than That is the third team to lose all of its members in BFB. The first two were Death P.A.C.T. and Free Food.