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Leafy: Hey, Gelatin! How do you like our new home?

Gelatin: I would say it's pretty rad! The grass here is softer than before, and if you squish it with your feet in the right way, it makes a cool squeaky sound! Watch!

(Gelatin squishes the ground)

Leafy: Uh, Okay I'm just gonna go now, bye! What about you, Lollipop? Feeling comfortable? 

Lollipop: I was until YOU showed up.

Leafy: WHAT?! Uh, that's mean. Voters, you better take note of this!

Lollipop: Says the person who got eliminated for inflating their team-mate to death.

Balloony: Thank you for standing up for me!

Lollipop: It's just my duty to protect any sphere on a cylinder.

(They both high five)

Four: Did you guys just high five?!

Balloony: Umm.....

Four: No high fives! Only high FOURS!

Balloony: Why do we count one?

Four: One is still not FOUR!

Balloony: Oh, oh, AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!  (Balloony is hurt)

Taco: This is so dumb. Four, can you just tell us what's going on with the competition? So many of us are very confused.

Ruby: Uh, agreeeeeed.

Taco: Ruby, put your time tables away. Four! Clarification, PLEASE?! Uh, hello? Four? (Taco hands are moving)

Taco: Hmph, seems more responsive.

Firey: Step aside, Taco! I know what Four needs right now! (imitates) Doo doo doo, doo doo doo! Four, what's wrong? You look depressed.

Four: Oh, I don't know. I just don't know what I am, where my value/co-host is!

Firey: Then let's go to the- Wait what

Taco: Four, Did you just ask where your co-host is?

Four: Yeah! Where's X?

Taco: Four, You told X to leave you. And we know EXACTLY where he is.

(Back in TPOT)

Firey: Yeah, right now he's playing Patty-Cake with Two. Because there are best buds now.

Four: (gasp) You mean you can bring him back?!

Taco: Well, maybe, I'm not sure.

Four: Because if you did, that would bring back the spirit of BFB!!!!

(Official BFB 17 Intro!)

Four: Attention, all contestants. I have assembled you here today to retrieve X!

Woody: Waa, waa.

Blocky: Yeah, I never agreed to that!

(Blocky kicks Woody strongly, Woody screams)

Four: Well, you're gonna do it, and like it!

Ruby: No, It's too hard.

Four: Well, Balloony, I've saved your life all these years back. Don't you want to help me get X?

Balloony: No.

Four: What about you, Blocky?

Blocky: No.

Four: Bubble?

Bubble: No.

Four: Firey?

Firey: No.

Four: Gelatin?

Gelatin: No.

Four: Leafy?

Leafy: No, thanks!

Four: Loser?!

Loser: No.

Four: Ruby?!

Ruby: No siree!

Four: Spongy?!

Spongy: Nuh-uh.

Four: Taco?!?

Taco: Nope.

Four: Teardrop?!

Teardrop: (Shaking their head to say 'no')

Four: Woody!?

Woody: Nuh-ah!

Four: Lollipop?!

Lollipop: Take a wild guess.

Four: No thanks, Flower?

Flower: The answer was, is and will always be NO!!!!

Four: Cool story, but what if I add back the original BFDI as a prize? (Smacking Lips)

Everyone: (excited chattering)

Flower: Now I feel like it! How do I start? 

Four: Hmph, well there are 14 of you, why don't I split you all into Two? Grr, Two! Two teams of seven, based on whatever your colored closed to Four-Colored or X-Colored. 

Lollipop: Oh, darn. Looks like I have been judged by my food coloring once again. Perhaps I should use this paint bucket to change my color. Then I could be on the same team as Balloony's RUTHLESS murderer.

Flower: So, I'm X-Colored, huh? I never thought about it that way, but, I guess I am! Who's with me?

(Cuts to Firey)

Flower: Oh, look, it's Season 1's winner! I can steal wicked strategies from him and- Blocky's here too? Awesome! He can carry my out my assination missions and- No way! Loser's on my team! His super-fame can get sales for my new fashion line!

Loser: Can you be quiet?

Flower: I love my team so much better than iance. Hey, Four, can I name my lovely team? 

Four: NO! That'll be a future contest.

Bubble: Oh, Ruby, I don't think I like my new Four-Colored Team.

Ruby: Why not? You've got me. And Teardrop will never say a bad thing about you.

Bubble: That's true but, SHE's here too.

Ruby: Oh, her? You too never got over your awkward frienemy phase, huh?

Bubble: No.

Ruby: Why don't we resolve it now? Hey, Leafy!

Bubble: Ruby! Now's not the time!

Ruby: Sorry.

Bubble: Oh, I'm so worried!

Ruby: Hey, look on the bright side of things, at least you're not the same team as Blocky, who murdered you two-thousand, seven-hundred and sixty-three times!

Bubble: That's true, but, hold on, are you and him both red?

Ruby: Wait, you're right. Hey, Four, Why I am on a diffrent team from Blocky even though we're both red?

Blocky: Why? Do you...............WANT to be on the same team?!

Four: Quit squabbling!!!!

(Silence, the scissors move)

Four: So whichever team gets X back to me wins! And the other team is up for elimination. GO!


Woody: Wah, wah, wah, wah!

Taco: Oh no! Woody's scared that we'll never be able to find X!

Loser: New comrads, we need not fear. Our team is X-Colored so we're sure to win!

Taco: And how do you know, cuboid?

Loser: Mmmmmbh toooooo (spits) See that spot of saliva on the ground?


Flower: Loser, that's disgusting!

Loser: Say it with me, X Marks the Spot!

X-Colored Team: X Marks the Spot.......

Loser: By the laws of nature, X must come here on his own to mark this very spot!

Taco: Sounds like sudo-science to me......

(Four-Colored Team)

Gelatin: Leafster! How are we gonna get X?

Leafy: By using our IMAGINAT-

Gelatin: OK Bye. Bubble, You got any ideas?

Bubble: Uh.....uhm, gah, no.

Ruby: Bubs! I got an idea! Right before her unforgettable elimination, our heroic leader Pencil gave to me her prize-winning possession, urging me not to open it, until the stars a lie. I have safely guarded this treasure for many moons until-


Gelatin: Well, let's use it!

(Gelatin opens it, FSSV comes out)

Ruby: FreeSmart SuperVan!!!

Balloony & Bubble & Gelatin: YAY!

Ruby: Let's get in.

Lollipop: Why don't we drive around the hills?

Ruby: Lollipop, you're hurting my brain! You know what around means! Also, you'd you bring that paint bucket with us?

Lollipop: None of your business.

(X Colored Team)

Firey: Loser?

Loser: What's up?

Firey: I think you're a great leader, but, this X Marks the Spot thing isn't working.

(The screen zooms into Loser)

Loser: "A fan is doubting me? NOOOOOOOOOOOO!"

Loser: If your think it will work, then it will work.

Firey: Oh, okay. I'll believe harder then! Hnngh!

Loser: "Phew."

(Flower runs to Taco)

Flower: Yo, Taco! We both have rotten flesh in our heads. Why don't we form an alliance?

Taco: An alliance? Flower, that strategy might've worked on me for like nine years ago, but today? You can't win over me that easily.

Flower: Aw, come on, I was just-

Taco: Wait, what's this with you and rotten flesh?

Flower: Oh, um, well, uh, I mean-

Taco: (sighs) Oh, Flower.....


Taco: You have 6 petals now.

Flower: Wha?! OMG, That's embrassing! Uh, my bad.

(Flower has now 5 green petals)

Taco: Now you have 4.......

(everyone screams)

Flower: OMG! I'm-I'm really messing up, aren't I?

Taco: Yeah. Yeah you are. Come back to me when you can keep your story a little more consistent.

Flower: Aw, I SCREWED UP AGAIN!!!!!!!! :)


Ruby: We are here to take X back!

Gelatin: OK! Who's gonna get out to grab X?

Leafy: I thought you volunteered too!

Gelatin: No! I said I was gonna stab-

Bubble: Want me to do it?

Ruby: No, you're too fragile.....

Balloony: Oh, for blob sake........

Lollipop: Where is Teardrop going?

(Teardrop gets out of the van, grabs X)

Pin: Oh no you DID'NT! I clearly like X as our host!

Eggy: Yeah, X is the kindest host of three we've seen by far! I hardly remembered meeting the pulsating cyborg box, but I'm confident that X is smarter than even him!

Cloudy: X was there when Balloony died! You better not take our precious X from us!!!!!!!!

Coiny: Hey, guys! Nothing to fear, why don't we just glue X to the ground?

X: That doesn't sound fun.

Two: But, Coiny don't you know that contact with glue can damage your skin?! D-Well it can damage your skin indeed!

Coiny: Hey! Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger. Besides, I brought some glue that's certified to be gentle on numberic membrace! But, where is it?

Lollipop: Switcheroo, we can too. (Blue's Clues And You reference)

Coiny: Got it!

(Coiny puts paint on the ground, puts X there)

Coiny: Now X will get to keep hosting OUR show!

Everyone: Yeah!!

Fanny: SO LONG, YOU FOUR-FANATICS!!! And next time stick to unknown lame host, who I HATE!

Balloony: Quick, throw out the lasso!

(The lasso gets X)

X: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!

(Everyone gasps)

Fanny: I HATE lassos!

Two: Byebye, sillyboy! I have valued our time together!

(X screaming)


Ruby: Oh shoot, you're right!

X: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Taco: I'm telling you, Loser, You're X Marks the Spot strategy is utter nonsense.

X: Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh!

Four: YAY! X has marked your saliva spot with orange paint!

Loser: It was my strategy that worked.

Four: Then your team wins!

X: Where am I?

Four: The other team with the Four-Colored contestants loses.

(Voting screen, Michael announces)

Michael Huang: (Viewers at home! Vote for who you want to stay. Type in the letter and square brackets to save one of these guys! The one with the least votes leaves the show next episode. Last episode, over 59 thousand of you voted, but I noticed that, half of you didn't vote yet. This is why after you vote, make sure to subscribe so you get to see who's eliminated when the next episode comes out! Cary and I really wanna say thank you so much to our new team we've hired last month. You've did an incredible job this episode, and I was looking forward for future episodes. So to both of the crew and you viewers out there, thank you and see you in BFB 18. Eight. One. Two.)

(End, go to BFB 18: Take the Tower for the rest of transcript or something)