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Ruby: Um, guys? How are we able to breathe in Outer Space if there is these open windows?

Gelatin: Hm? I wonder what Outer Space tastes like. Bluehhh!

(Gelatin sticks his toungue out the window)

Gelatin: It's covered by plastic wrap, Ruby.

Ruby: Oh, that's a relief.

Gelatin: Man, I really want to know space tastes like, though.

Leafy: Woah! It's so cool that we get to be in space again! It's just as tranquil as I remembered it.

Lollipop: Meaning, not very tranquil.

Leafy: Guh, why would you say that, Lolly?!

Lollipop: The last time you were in space, you got obliterated by a laser.

Leafy: Not true!

(Lollipop plays BFDI 20)

Firey: We're not gettin' em, Leafy. Time for superspeed mode!

Leafy: But don't you know how much energy it wastes? You have to be more eco-friendly, I mean-

Spongy: Whatever!

(Lollipop pauses the footage)

Leafy: Uh....okay! Maybe I did get obliterated by a laser, but, getting obliterated by a laser isn't that bad!

Lollipop: Really? 

(She presses it)

Leafy: Yeah! Actually, it's very comfortable! Let me show you.

(Leafy zaps Lollipop)

Leafy: See? Didn't that feel nice?

Gelatin: I got it! (stabs a fork in the window) Blaaaaaahhhh!

(Outside of the spaceship)

Gelatin: Mmm! Tastes otherworldly.

Ruby: Uh, Gelatin, you better keep your tounge in there.

Gelatin: (smacks lips) What did you say?

(Space's vacuum gets into the spaceship letting go of the fork)

RubyThere's no air!!!

Bubble: I don't think I'm gonna last much longer!


Leafy:  Oh, right!

(Leafy types "More air")

(Announcer discussing more air, Leafy buys it)

(The Have Cots are drowning)

Four: You've been hacked!

(Four has a birthday blower)

(BFB 17 intro)

Leafy: Hnnggghh! Why now?

Four: Your Have Cots Team lost last time, so whichever one of you got the fewest votes will BRB! In this first-ever Cake at Stake over video call, I'll give contestants air to breathe when you are declared safe! Bubble is safe!

Bubble: Ugh!

Four: And Teardrop.

(Teardrop mouth moving)

Four: Leafy.

Leafy: Egh!

Four: And Lollipop!

(Four recovers Lollipop, but gets sucked up into the camera)

Leafy: Well, how was the experience? Wasn't it cozy?

Lollipop: If you call excrusiating-pain cozy.

Bubble: It's an alliance member's duty to give other members air!

(Bubble blows on Ruby)

Lollipop: Care to give me some air? No straw needed.

Bubble: (slaps her) Lolly!

Four: Gelatin and Ruby! One of you will be eliminated, who's it gonna be? So the results are....

(Ruby is out)

Gelatin: Ehhh!

Four: It looks like Ruby is back to being a hidden gem!

(Four grabs Ruby)

Ruby: Woah!

(Ruby out of space)

Ruby: Please?! Please?! Please?! Can I stay in the game, please, please, please?!

Four: .....No.

(Ruby gets sucked up)

Ruby: But I was only by 96 votes! AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!

Four: With Ruby gone, we're down to our final eleven!

X: AHHHH!!!!

Four: Where is everyone?!

X: AHHHHHHHH!!! In space! AHHHHH!!!!! And some people die! AHHHHH!!!!

Four: (recovers the Have Cots) Welcome back then.

Flower: Oh! Um, X? Are you okay?

X: AHHH!!!!

Flower: Well, it wasn't a no. So I guess we could just ignore him.

Four: No! X, what do you purpose we do?

X: Just help me get colder, please!

Four: Okay! For today's challenge, you'll have to make the sun colder!

Taco: The Have Cots are in space! They have a huge advantage!

Four: Sorry, did I ask you?

Taco: What if I said yes?

Four: I would ignore you.

Taco: Yes.

(Four glitching)

Taco: Well, I have to command you, Four. You are nothing but a liar.

Lollipop: Taco is right. We do have the upper hand. Tell me why we can't just dump this bucket out the window and win the challenge?

(On the sun)

Lollipop: I mean, we are already here! A dazzling getaway destination, if you ask me.

Gelatin: Guys! We can make sun angels now!

Leafy: G-Gelatin! Don't you know? If you make a sun angel, it'll burn into the sun and it will project onto Earth!

(Gelatin making a sun angel)

Leafy: Gelatin?

Gelatin: Why do you think that information will slow me down?

Bubble: Anyone volunteer the pour the ice? I don't want to pop out there.

Leafy: Chin up, Bubble! The sun's just a star.

Gelatin: Leafy, haven't you taken sun lessons before? Everyone knows that-

Lollipop: I don't know anything about what you're going to say.

Gelatin: As I was saying, everyone knows that-

Leafy: I don't know either.

Gelatin: Everyone knows that once ice touches the sun, we will destroy the outermost layer and we'll sink right through!

(Bubble and Lollipop gasp)

Lollipop: Guys, I think Teardrop said they want to pour the ice.

Teardrop: (looks angry)

Lollipop: Just tell us if you don't want to be the one to the pour the ice. Otherwise, you can be the one to do it.

Teardrop: (waves hands)

Lollipop: Okay, I guess Teardrop's doing it, let's get out of here.

Leafy: No way, guys! We started this as a team! Let's end this together as a team too!

(Teardrop drops the ice)

Leafy, Gelatin and Bubble: AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gelatin: Oh! Literally nothing happened! They did nothing.

Bubble: Oh.

Four: Have Nots, did you like your journey up to space?

Blocky: (laughs) Wait, Four! Ask me if I have landed on the sun.

Four: Uh.....have you landed on the sun?

Blocky: "HAVE NOT"!

Four: (mulitates Blocky)

Blocky: Huh? AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

Four: (recovers him) That's a lesson for you!

X: The ice did nothing, my garden is ruined, and I'm still burning!

Blocky: Probably because we burn up in the sun.

X: Wait, what's happening? This particular spot is actually pretty cool! Plus one point for the Have Cots!

Flower: Uh, th-there's points now?

Four: If X says there are points, there are points. Everytime someone helps cool him down, their team wins a point. And if you hurt X, well, let's just say...something bad happens.

Blocky: Does that we will just lose points?

Four: ...Yeah.

Blocky: Don't worry, guys. Let's just reflect the heat back with this mirror!

(The heat causes the sun to grow)


Taco: Blocky! That made the sun even hotter! X is dying!

Blocky: It looks like my mission here is done.

X: Minus one point for the Have Nots!

Flower: Wait, guys! I have an idea! The sun only shines during the day! We gotta find a way to make it nighttime!

Taco: That doesn't make the sun colder, though.

Flower: Hey, I think we'll get the points if we just make X colder.

Loser: If we all run really fast in place, the earth will rotate super fast and will dodge the sun!

Taco: It was worth a shot. Okay, everyone run in 3, 2, 1!

(Everyone running)

Taco: Run as fast as you can!

(It turns nighttime)

Blocky: Woah! That actually worked?

X: Phew! Thanks, Have Nots. I was in serious pain there. You all earned 13 points!

Blocky: Ehhhhh, thirteen?

Leafy: Guys?

Lollipop: Not now, Leafy. We're doing nothing.

Leafy: I can't see X anymore! The sun's no longer warming him up!

Gelatin: The earth must've rotated by too many people running quickly in place. We learned that in earth class.

Lollipop: Enough about these classes! Wait, will that help them win the challenge if X isn't hot from the sun?

Gelatin: We need to get the sun back to burning X so their plan doesn't work!

Leafy: Quick! Everyone, run to the leftmost part of the sun and jump! We can reposistion the sun in the sky!

(They jump on the sun)

Bubble: Jump! Jump!

Gelatin: It's working! It's working!

X: You know, whilst this nighttime breeze sure is nice, I could use some sunlight again, just so tending to garden that's easier.

X: Oh, wow! Thanks, Have Cots! 21 points for you!

Blocky: 21? We only got thirteen last time!

X: Minus 3 points for the Have Nots for being mean.

(The sun burns X)

X: Aaagh! I burning again! Minus 7 points for the Have Cots!

Taco: If you don't wanna burn, then stop aiming directly at the sun!

X: Aaaaaah! Minus 2 points for the Have Cots for being MEANER!

Bubble: X is on fire up there! Guys, we got to cool the sun again!

Lollipop: Why could X just have stayed away? They're being very annoying today.

Leafy: Hey, Teardrop! You're water. If you sat on the sun, wouldn't you like, cool it down?

(Teardrop sits on the sun)

Bubble: Bubbles don't have brains, but even I think this is a ridiculous plan!

Leafy: Don't you feel the breeze, Bubble? I feel like I could just fly away!

Bubble: Well, why don't you?

Leafy: It's just a feeling, Bubble.

Lollipop: For what it's worth, I think this is working. I'm not dripping onto the floor anymore.

Gelatin: Is that what that purple goop on the surface is?

Lollipop: Yes it is. (both on the ground and on the sun) Please don't make a fuss about this.

X: Aah!

(X stops burning)

X: The sun is 2 degrees colder again. This is nice. Plus 90 points for the Have Cots! Now, back to watering my plants.

(X is planting)

X: This sure would be nice if it was 1° warmer though.

Taco: They just got 90 points! They have a huge lead on us. Let's try and get the sun 1° warmer. Firey- wait, where is Firey?

Loser: I think he is on the sun. He never burned up.

Blocky: The sun?! But that's 2.6,000 miles away!

Taco: Oh, Blocky. Darling, it is way further than that.

Flower: Hey, Firey! Are you up there?

Firey: Yeah! What's up?! Ya guys need something?!

Flower: Uh, not really! Just saying hi!

Taco: What? No! We need to tell him- what are you- let me talk to him! Firey! You need to sink yourself into the sun somehow! Make the sun hotter for X again!

Firey: On it! Huh, well, how do I get inside the sun?

(Firey struggling to get inside)

Firey: Huh, this is exhausting! Almost too much work for one day. Oh, I know!

(Firey goes to the Have Cots)

Firey: Hey, Have Cots! Or should I say, Have- Uh, crybabies?

Leafy: What? (sniffs) could you say that to us?

Gelatin: Ya know, (sniffs) we have FEELINGS too, right?

Lollipop: I say we smack him right down onto the lava.

Bubble: Too true, Lollipop!

(Firey dies)

Have Cots: Yeah!!!

X: AHH! It's 80 degrees hotter! Minus 800- no! 8,000 points for the Have Cots!


X and Flower: AHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Taco: Okay, we got the other team to lose points but now it's boiling hot. Blocky, do something!

Blocky: You got it! Now allow me to make fun of the sun.

(Outside of the earth)

Blocky: Hey, Sun! You're....uh, pretty lame!

(The sun turns into an ice cube)

X: Ahhhhh!!!!!! You cooled it down WAY too much, minus 70,000 points for the Have Nots!

Blocky: Four. I LOVE YOU

Four: Here, buddy! I was keeping this just for you! 6 points for being a fly guy!

Blocky: Yeah, okay. Hey guys, there aren't no rules.

Taco: Whatever. Let's do the best of we can think of then.

Leafy: I put raising stripes on every side of this ice cube!

(The ice cube turns back into the sun)

Leafy: Now it's back to normal.

Four: Still scorching hot! Minus 7,000 points!

Taco: We put a bunch of clouds together in the sky!

X: Not enough sunlight anymore! NOW you've done it! Minus 8,456 points!

Lollipop: If we all spit on the sun, it'll rain down onto earth, cooling it, and giving the plants a drink.

Four: That's disgusting! Minus 6,000 points for being gross!

Blocky: I put around all of the earth, and we're all inside it and-

X: How is this better at all? Minus 8,422 points!

Loser: What if we-

X: Minus!

Gelatin: How about-

Four: Minus!

X: Minus!

Woody: Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!

Four: Minus.

Firey: Rockets?

X: Minus!

Four: Minus!!!!!

X: Minus!!!!!


Lollipop: Oh, we're back.

Four: That's because time's up!

Firey: Yeah! Good job, everyone!

Four: The Have Cots have MINUS 90 million points, and the Have Cots got minus 95 million points!

Blocky: So, what you're saying is we all did awesome?

Four: The Have Nots have minus 100 million points.

X: And I'm still on fire! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!

Leafy: Hmmph, it's a long shot, but what if I pour an ice bucket on X?

(X is back to normal)

X: Yay! I feel great! You win!

Blocky: What? That's all it took?

Four: Congratulations, Have Cots! For saving X from burning! And because the Have Nots didn't do that, because they have less points, they're up for elimination!

Micheal Huang: "Everyone, this is the part where you vote which of these guys should stay. Left square bracket. Letter. Right square bracket. Post that comment and whoever gets the least votes is out of the game. Don't forget to subscribe, because nobody knows who's it gonna be. I mean, last time, it was super close, and we were checking to the very end. You can be the one to cast the deciding vote, which is why I'm awarding you (Most Important Voter). Now use your powers for good, vote for the right person, subscribe to this channel, and don't forget to check us in our Instagram and our new TikTok where I've been posting everyday. Thank you guys so much, and I'll see you in BFB 21."


X: What a beautiful garden!

Four: Yeah X, you've done a magnificent job!

X: I am very happy for myself.

Flower: How long do I have to stay in here? I've been here all night.

Four: Quiet, you!

X: You can leave in maybe 2 and a half to 3 weeks or so. That should do the job.

Leafy: Hey, Flower! What are you doing up there?

Flower: Leafy! Don't you see? I'm the garden now! Save yourself....