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Template:Stub Pen is a character in BFDI.

Battle for Dream Island[]

In Season 1 of BFDI, Pen was actually playing rock paper sisscors with Eraser. When the Announcer came down, Pen was bounded to scream and disappear til Take the Plunge Part 2, But he was able to equire what's like with flower when Pencil said to Match, "I dare you to do it!"

Battle for Dream Island Again[]

In Season 2 of BFDIA, Pen was an recommender for both Episodes 2 and 4. Pen was his person ability follower when its a flashback of Zeeky Boogy Doog, and he was already was covered in jelly burritos. In Get in the Van: Pen was in the fan being excited to got to Yoyleland, but a monster scared Pen away out of the van back to dream island and went to the TLC.

DnalsI maerD roF elttaB[]

In Season 3 of IDFB, Pen was in actually stuck in the recovery center for long. This shows that he knows his responsibility and value was required to not join Season 3.

Battle for BFDI[]

In Season 4 of BFB, Pen was just running to Eraser at the beginning, and he showed him that this shape is rectangle or is it pearrelellogram. But then he was multiplied by Blach Hole, but then after BFB 1, he was breaking the jawbreaker to Lollipop's, but he haven't changed his mind. Ever.

DnalsI maerD roF elttaB roF elttaB[]

In Season 5 of IDFB for elttaB, Pen was just rolling the Liar Ball to the crater, but Remote tries to grab it. And he was asking her what's going on, she tried to awnser him, but she is acting wild. He still saw Remote acting wild again typing "PAIRAMATE" saying "Please go through" over and over again. Next page, He was running with Remote to get that Liar Ball into the crater. Then he was on TV. Last page, He was with Pillow saying "GOAL!" when Remote puts the Liar Ball and herself in. He thought it was defenseless.

Battle for BFB[]

He pees on everyone and drowns everyone in his pee.

It is also revealed that Pen’s true name is “🅱️en” in BFB 5.